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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 12, 2018 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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the current. lehman brothers start september thirteenth on w. . this is the w. news live from berlin the european parliament votes to take action against hungering for undermining democracy in georgia. it's the first time such a procedure has been launched in the history of the parliament a vocal spearheaded by a dutch politician who told european lawmakers it was time to make a choice that the past is about to defy them. also coming up on the american
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condemns the violence that recent demonstrations against migrants in eastern germany and says there can be no justification for hatred towards people who look different. and the southeast of the united states is bracing for the worst hurricane in six decades and more than a million residents have been ordered or advised to evacuate as the storm barrels towards the carolinas and virginia. i'm sorry so much going to get to have you with us in an unprecedented move the european parliament has passed a motion to punish the government of hungary for undermining core values lawmakers voted by a large margin to trigger the article seven process that could result in sanctions which would strip hungry of its e.u. voting rights a recent report criticized prime minister viktor orban populist government for silencing the media dismissing independent judges and. encouraging graft now in an
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earlier speech to the parliament or been accused pro migrant forces in the e.u. of threatening to blackmail andriy. and a standing by for us in mexico to see it so the european parliament voted in favor of triggering article seven that's punishing hungry for violations of rule of law what does this mean now for hungry. well first of all this is highly symbolic as you just mentioned it's the first time this is happening at least in the european parliament we all know there was an article seven procedure against poland but that was triggered somewhere else ok so this is highly symbolic already sends a message but of course everybody talks about the nuclear option at the end of which possibly gets stripped of its voting rights but let me just tell you it's a long way to get there and that decision at the end is unanimous among the member states meaning that if for example poland vetoes that it won't happen but we're not there yet like i said first of all this goes to the member states and they have to
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agree with the parliament that there is the risk of the breach of some e.u. fundamentals they don't need unanimity for that but that's the next step we expect this to happen or at least the member states to discuss this within the next months so this is highly symbolic so as you said max but also that's a president so what does this mean for the european union. it just shows how deep that rift has become between some of those member states on the one hand you have countries like hungary with viktor orbán who made an appearance by the way here at the european parliament tuesday and was completely uncompromising that camp is growing you also have part of the italian government that's part of that now with materials i mean e the interior minister also right wing populist parts of poland and you could also say that even parts if you stretch of the german government sympathize with that movement with the very insistent party of i'm going to back roads c.d.u. well and on the other hand you have those who stress. that they need we need
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solidarity that the rule of law needs to be upheld that the freedom of the press is essential and it's hard to see how this bridge will be get this unprecedented vote came actually just after mission president. urged to speak with one voice in a speech that he gave earlier today is that what we're essentially see. why talk to your crafter is we'll see that interview later i'm sure on the w. and he said i've given up on reasoning with the big door bond so he doesn't really have a recipe to bridge that gap and he insisted though that if the e.u. speaks with one voice it can really be a global player not only on trade but also politically and militarily but he did acknowledge you know there's this huge problem you need to speak with one voice but that's exactly what the u. is not doing at the moment and as i said earlier it's unclear how it will get to that one voice it might even get worse after the parliamentary elections next may here because a lot of. a lot of people predict that the right wing populists will gain
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a significant number of seats. max hoffman reporting for us from strasburg max but to talk to you. here in germany chancellor angela merkel said there is no excuse for using nazi slogans and attacking minorities in german society she was addressing parliament two weeks after demonstrations against migrants by right wing extremists turned violent in eastern germany the largest opposition party the far right a.s.d. accused of ignoring the concerns of people worried about migration one member of the government accused d.a.s.d. of using fascist language. as angela merkel arrived in parliament today it was already clear that this wouldn't be a normal address to the bundestag at the forefront was the recent far right violence in eastern germany she started her speech with a strong call for a common togetherness against exclusion and incitement is good and surely there's
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no excuse and justification for incitement partially use of violence nazi hatred hostility towards people who look different in a jewish restaurant attacks on police and conceptual arguments about whether it's hate or hunts really don't help us. if they think of the largest opposition party in the bundestag the far right alternative for germany a.f.d. has drawn its own conclusions blaming foreigners a migrants for germany's problems. the list goes on the chancellor merkel you have nothing more to offer this country and its citizens except stubbornness arrogance and insults your barricading yourself in the chancellery further away from reality i repeat my question who in danger is here in a piece of this country not us. as emotions reach
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boiling point some politicians weren't about to allow hate in parliament prompting comparisons to nazi germany. and you say the migrants are to blame for everything we've heard that sort of language in this house before i think it's time for the democrats in this country to oppose this kind of rhetorical rearmament in the end it only leads to violence in the streets it's time for democracy to stand up against these people mr president so you get these are going to be up for president life the dispute over the basic values of german democracy. and in the center of a toll the german chancellor and her mind gratian policy. now to some other stories making headlines around the world russia's president vladimir putin says russia has identified the two men suspected of poisoning a former spy and his daughter in england he says they are civilians and there was
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quote nothing criminal there u.k. security forces had named them as russian intelligence officers. united nations agencies have been allowed back into me and mars' rakhine state for the first time since more than seven hundred thousand brokenshire muslims fled the area last year foreign aid groups had previously been granted only limited access. officials in afghanistan say the number of people killed in tuesday's suicide attack in one go hard province has risen to sixty eight it happened on the highway between the eastern city of jalalabad and the main border crossing into neighboring pakistan. and the leaders of ethiopia and eritrea have reopened the crossing points on their shared border for the first time in twenty years it comes after they signed an agreement in july to restore ties eighty thousand people were killed in a two year war between the countries in the late one nine hundred ninety s. . authorities in the southeastern united states are warning people to brace for
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devastation as hurricane florence heads towards the region they're calling the storm a monster the governor of north carolina says it will be like nothing the state has ever seen before and he's urging people to follow orders to evacuate residents of coastal areas in south carolina and virginia are also being told to leave immediately. i think i've ever seen here. in the red zone. a scramble to prepare before the storm hits. hurricane florence is expected to make landfall on thursday with torrential. things and winds of more than two hundred kilometers per hour. we are planning for devastation this is not a a like storm this is not a glancing blow this is a category four category five storm the hurricane is massive eight hundred kilometers in diameter this when the plane counter that size as it flew through the
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storms i. some one million people have now been ordered to evacuate coastal communities. most are taking the advice seriously boarding up their homes. filling their tanks and emptying supermarkets. very ominous and we have we've been here for six years i haven't been through one this strong so you know safety first our family and just try and prepare the house as best as we can right now us president donald trump stressed the importance of evacuating depending on where you are you have to listen and you have to get out if they want you to get out because it's going to be impossible to have people get in there whether it's law enforcement or for him or anybody else once as they head to it's going to be really really bad along the coast trump has faced criticism for his administration's storm recovery efforts
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after a hurricane devastated the u.s. island of puerto rico one year ago leading to the deaths of nearly three thousand people. so far evacuations seem to be running smoothly police have reversed the flow of traffic on some highways so that all major roads lead away from the sea. to sports now and a round up of results from the new european football for math are you a fun nations league several heavyweights were in action on tuesday spain thrashed world cup finalists croatia six nail a while world cup semifinal spell jim bagged and away win in iceland bosnia herzegovina managed to beat austria with a solitary goal at home and luxembourg put three past son marino in a dominant performance the champions league and the europa league are the only two
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continental club competitions in european football but starting in two thousand and twenty one there could also be a thirty year tournaments european club association chairman and three i've now only told members at a meeting in croatia their main aim of the new event would be to reduce the number of teams in the europa league from forty eight to thirty two and that was the the same number as in the champions league and in this yet to be named new competition . the german olympic cyclist christina forward has faced the public for the first time since a high speed collision left her paralyzed from the waist down the summer the twenty seven year old is one of the most successful track cyclists of all time with two olympic gold medals and eleven world championship titles to her name christina four is accustomed to having the eyes of the world pointed in her
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direction but today's press conference was a new experience as she described for the first time the accident which ended her cycling career are being flushed out it might sound odd but realising right away that i wouldn't be able to walk again and help me waking up from the coma and hearing the diagnosis i thought ok this is reality ok for people. i think it's also nice to be free from the thought that it might get better at that realisation of my destiny and the consequences helped me. with my focus. flanked by the doctors who treated her here in berlin for stomach all about her paralysis if you think. it is how it is. trying of course if i could decide i wouldn't choose this. but it's the way it is and if you accept it then you can react to it better come on them and. national are here and
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either way cycling was never the only thing in christina for his life shortly after winning her first olympic medals in two thousand and twelve she completed her training as a police officer since her accident the police have guaranteed her a job for life. today has no regrets and no illusions about the dangers of the road that she chose and she's even considering really entering the world of sport. it's a high risk sport we ride it up sixty to eighty kilometers per hour in the village and we're only protected by our own skin i definitely want to give something back to the sport in terms of competing in the wheelchair i still need time to figure out what options i have. also so i will from. the doctors told the press today that kristina forwards rehabilitation process is racing ahead. you're
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watching d.w. news still to come is london losing its gloss as a global financial capital a new survey says it will find out where the money is going. and how bangladesh has managed to narrow the gap between rich and poor and fizzling we'll have those stories coming right up for you in business. on. earth. playing tunes of species go home more singing. here which is on those are big changes and most start with small steps globally two
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years told stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use hydrogen to cook.


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